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Range of activities


The Erea company has extensive competences and experienced specialists

Workshop services

Machining, refurbishment of machines and equipment:
  • execution and refurbishment of machine and equipment parts of different shapes and dimensions
  • application of preventive coatings by flame spraying, cold overlay welding
  • casting of bearing liners of various types using the centrifugal method including machining and checking the effectiveness of the bearing alloy adhesion
Overhauls, refurbishment and fabrication of finished parts:
  • spare parts for water and steam boilers – pipelines, steam superheaters and water heaters, etc.
  • spiral coils for PWS type high-pressure heat exchangers
  • gearboxes of power machines and equipment and large mill gearboxes
  • power equipment: crushers, coal feeders, reclaimers, mills, fans, etc.
  • steel structures
  • elements of process systems and pipelines for flammable, toxic and caustic materials
  • non-pressure and low-pressure tanks for flammable, toxic and caustic liquids
  • fixed pressure tanks
Welding of non-alloyed structural steels, high strength low alloy steels, austenitic steels by using MMA, MAG and TIG methods
Fabrication of steel structures and components:
  • welding works in all welding methods and with all grades of steel
  • machining, including turning, milling, grinding, drilling
  • forming and heat treatment
  • cutting of elements with the use of a CNC plasma unit