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Range of activities


The Erea company has extensive competences and experienced specialists.

Electrical services

Overhaul services for electrical systems and equipment along with inspections, diagnostics and electrical measurements:
  • transformers and transformer stations
  • generators
  • electric motors
  • LV and HV switchgear and switching equipment
  • battery banks
  • rectifiers and excitation systems
  • current and voltage transformers
  • LV and HV lightning arresters and switches
  • lighting systems
  • earthing systems
  • lightning protection systems
  • LV and HV cable lines
Electrical diagnostics and measurements:
  • measurements for transformers: insulation resistance, winding resistance, voltage ratio determination, no-load and short-circuit tests
  • measurements for generators and electric motors: insulation resistance, winding resistance
  • testing: voltage tests of windings, leakage tests of cooling systems (water and gas type)
  • tests: stator sheet metal stacks, vibration and temperature, rolling bearing condition and no-load operation
  • voltage tests of power equipment with DC and VLF up to 45 kV
  • localisation of damaged power cables
  • thermal imaging tests